Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yorkie Story

"Pant, pant,” The three legged Yorkie panted as it limped around the streets looking for a home. The dog shivers as it drags itself through the white blanket of snow and it whimpers as the snowflakes dance and spin onto his already damp fur. He finds a doorstep to rest on, not caring about the itchy “Welcome!” mat. The house in front of him even in its horrible condition looks like heaven to the puppy. The cheap quality windows are are shattered and the wooden door is backwards and has cracks. Slowly the dog’s eyelids drift into a deep sleep like leaves falling from a oak tree.

It is Christmas morning and many kids around the world wake up looking for Christmas presents wrapped and ready underneath a Christmas tree. This town does not. The kids in this town lost full belief in Santa as for every Christmas morning, there were no presents. And little boy Billy lost almost all hope, but not all of it has been lost in the space of lost dreams.

“Billy! Go fetch the mail for mommy, will you?” mumbled mom in her tired Saturday morning voice. “Ok,” Billy replied once he realized once again that there were no Christmas presents under their cheap tree. Billy ran to the door, opened it, and started to scream in joy. “It’s a dog!” He picked up the dog and gave as much of his body warmth as humanly possible. “I wished for a dog last night!” His mom started to cry. “Lets name him Santa.”

Since Santa was Billy’s only friend and only source entertainment, Billy never let his dog out of his sight. He would eat, play, and even watch tv with his new  found best friend.

A few days later one breezy evening Billy was taking a nap with his best friend Santa at his side. “Bark! bark!” the dog stood up with his nose perched up like he smelled something suspicious. Billy woke up and felt dizzy and just not right. “FIRE!’ He could hear his next door neighbors scream at the top of their lungs. Billy couldn’t open his bedroom door and was trapped in a house that was about to go up in flames. Santa took action right away. He ran through a little hole in the bottom of the  dark brown door that Billy made when he found Santa. He ran outside and tugged and tugged on the fireman’s pants until he got his attention. He lead the fireman through the fire and to Billy’s bedroom door where Billy was screaming. “I am coming!” The fireman yelled as he kicked down the door and lifted Billy up by his thighs. “OMG! thank you so much Mr. Fireman!” cried Billy’s mom as she grabbed him and hugged him. Billy picked up Santa and made the hug a group hug. “I love you Santa,” Billy said with passion. “Woof,” replied the dog while licking Billy’s face.

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